Transit and storage of goods at controlled temperature

Goods storage

DSS Trasporti offers its customers the possibility to use its warehouse for the storage of goods, even if only temporarily.

Our warehouse for storage on behalf of third parties is divided according to the type of goods and the temperature required:

+20°C area for goods at room temperature

+2°C ÷ +8°C cell for refrigerated goods

-25°C cell for frozen goods

Having at our disposal temperature-controlled cells and areas with temperature settings from -20°C to +20°C, we can store, move, and keep different types of materials. For example, ADR material, non-restricted chemicals, medical devices, composite materials, and many other types of goods. The storage period inside our warehouse for biological products, medical devices and many other products can last for the whole period agreed with the customer, while for pharmaceutical products we can offer a transit service until the end of the delivery service.

All the spaces dedicated to the storage of temperature-controlled products are equipped with a continuous temperature monitoring system connected to an alarm system which, in case of need, initiates an emergency procedure, and are constantly monitored by a closed-circuit camera system.

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