Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide – CO2.

Dry ice is obtained after a first phase where liquid CO2 is expanded, turning into carbon dioxide snow.

Through a series of steps, dry ice can be produced into several “formats”, such as:

– 16 mm pellets – 3 mm pellets

The CO2 that we use has the necessary requirements of purity established by current regulations and has a purity level of over 99%.

The temperature of dry ice at atmospheric pressure is -78°C, which makes it essential for a series of application, such as cooling and cold chain management.

Thanks to dry ice, we can guarantee completely safe long-distance shipments of diagnostic and biological samples, along with plasma, pharmaceutical products and much more.

Furthermore, CO2 has bacteriostatic characteristics that prevent bacteria proliferation allowing for production and packaging of pills, vials, vaccines, and other medical formulations.

Carbon dioxide snow, commonly known as dry ice, produces a high quantity of cold (150 fr/h/kg in – 78,5° C) without leaving residues. This grants safe shipments in a controlled temperature.


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