Dangerous goods transport - ADR

According to the regulations, ADR transport includes all those products classified as dangerous goods. Whether it is biological products, diagnostic samples, or infectious substances, DSS Bio Pharma is fully equipped to handle the transport in compliance with all applicable regulations.

The products we handle include flammable chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and some infectious biological samples. These products must be properly packaged and made suitable for transport. The European regulations governing ADR transport are extremely strict and provide specific procedures for storing samples in special containers with a three-wrap system, in order to perfectly isolate their contents and prevent them from inadvertently coming into contact with the outside world.

The transport of dangerous goods requires constant updates on current regulations and a scrupulous conduct by our ADR transporters (drivers with a regularly renewed ADR license). The vans used for ADR transport are compliant with regulations and equipped with certified material and signs.

The transport of ADR dangerous goods, if entrusted to DSS Bio Pharma, will no longer be a concern.

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