Quality is our operating standard, and it has been our core value for 20 years.

Pharma Solution has set up a management system to ensure and improve the quality of its business processes in accordance with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard.

The Quality Management System is a set of responsibilities, procedures, activities, facilities, and resources designed to implement the Quality Policy as effectively as possible, while achieving continuous improvement. The customer and their satisfaction are the focus of the ISO 9001 – each activity, application and process monitoring is designed to maximize the customer’s satisfaction.

To achieve the certification, DSS has:

  • identified and documented operational processes;
  • established the sequences and interactions between processes;
  • identified the input and output elements for each business activity, their responsibilities and reference documents;
  • established a data collection system to verify the performance of indicators in order to pursue corporate goals and continuous improvement.

We believe in quality as a value even when we are not bound by laws and regulations. This is why we have given ourselves a set of good conduct rules:

  • all our drivers are our employees and have been working with us for years – this allows us to take care of the work we do for the benefit of the result;
  • our vehicles are replaced after 48 months of operation – we always want to have performing vehicles in order to be as reliable as possible.


DSS Bio Pharma Certifications