In our line of work, technology is essential to guarantee an efficient and high-quality service

We know how important it is to make sure that the goods travel at the optimal temperature in order to preserve the cold chain.

There are two fundamental aspects on which it is imperative to uphold a standard of excellence:

temperature tracking;

vehicle geolocation.

The equipment we have at our disposal allows us to not disappoint expectations:

the temperature recorder located in the driver’s cab allows the driver to keep the temperature in the cargo area under control and makes it possible to print a report;

the geolocator installed on each vehicle allows to check, in real time and remotely, both the temperature of the goods and the position of the vehicle;

the TempTale is a temperature monitoring instrument that is placed inside the packages upon express request of the customer. The USB interface of the data logger allows to download data and export them in excel or pdf format.