Temperature-controlled freight specialists

DSS Trasporti, a dedicated transport company, was founded in 1996. Founded by Claudio Russo after a decade of experience with a major international courier, the company is now a leader in the industry of dedicated and urgent transport at controlled temperatures under the name DSS Bio Pharma Solution, in order to emphasize the sensitive and specialized areas on which we offer our services, but not only.

We choose to only do the work that we know we can do well” – this is our motto, and it perfectly reflects the values that we apply every day in offering an excellent service to our customers. DSS Bio Pharma is a transport company located in Pero, near the Milan Expo area, a strategic position for the many major roadways in the vicinity. The freeway entrance, the two airports of Malpensa and Linate only 30 minutes away and the Orio al Serio airport 45 minutes away are definitely an advantage for the quality of services offered. We transport only by road, as it allows us to reach any destination in Italy and Europe in a short time.

The customers who have always relied on our freight services are pharmaceutical, chemical, and biotechnology companies, universities, research centers, clinical analysis laboratories, leading clinical institutes, pharmacies, companies involved in the commercialization and distribution of medical devices with high technological content, nanotechnology companies, hemodialysis centers, chemical analysis laboratories. The reason for this is that the products we transport are usually highly perishable, even though they differ in nature: biological samples, life-saving drugs, medical devices, and dangerous goods (ADR).

DSS Bio Pharma Solution is specialized in handling emergencies without neglecting the care we put into the services we provide to our customers. All our drivers have been with us for years, so they are fully trained on the procedures and educated to respect the value of what we collect and deliver, as well as having ASL and ADR licenses.

For the products for which we manage the transports we can also offer a transit service (in case of medications) and storage for all other types of goods, thanks to our temperature-controlled cold storage rooms with different settings. Since we recognize the high value of our customers’ goods, all the areas of our warehouse are monitored by a 24-hour video surveillance system.