Temperature controlled transport

The temperature-controlled transports offered by DSS Bio Pharma are performed in compliance with all the requirements of the regulations in force. The constant temperature control and the scrupulous observance of the regulations by each of our drivers guarantee that the transport of temperature-sensitive products takes place with impeccable quality.

Our company offers different types of temperature-controlled transport using isothermal vans that are set at the temperature required by the customer, according to intervals that provide a minimum and a maximum temperature. Transit environments and vehicles are constantly monitored by special probes that record temperature variations, and the various stages of transportation are regulated by procedures based on our quality manual.

DSS Bio Pharma offers a transport service specialized in cold logistics, guaranteeing controlled temperature shipments for both the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

We offer four types of temperature-controlled transports:

Cryogenic: from -80°C to -180°C

Frozen: -20°C (ideal for the transport of biological samples)

Refrigerated: from +2°C to +8°C (ideal for the transport of pharmaceutical products)

Room temperature: from +15°C to +25°C (ideal for the transport of medical devices and medical instruments)

We can manage a cargo with differentiated temperatures by using a vehicle with a bulkhead and double temperature that separates the two environments. A thermo-recorder and a satellite system measure the temperature inside the load compartment and allow to monitor the temperatures during the trip – and the whole process can be managed directly by the customer with personalized and private credentials on a dedicated platform.

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