Transportation of biological samples

DSS Bio Pharma offers a complete service for the transport of biological material at controlled temperatures, in order to allow a continuous monitoring of the temperature along the route and through the various stages of transport. From the collection at the pick-up points to the transport itself, until the arrival at the selected destinations, our company guarantees a highly professional service. The biological material transport service is managed by DSS Bio Pharma thanks to our twenty years of experience in the field, marked by high standards of safety and speed of delivery.

Biological samples transport

In some cases, it is vitally important that certain products maintain a specific temperature – one of these is the transport of biological samples, and our company has over 20 years of experience with this particular service.

For the transport of biological samples and active ingredients we provide a reusable packaging that presents several advantages:

it supports a temperature range from -20°C to +2°÷ +8° and +15°÷+25°;

it guarantees at least 96 hours of product insulation;

it is suitable for road transport and air shipments;

does not require intervention during the journey (unlike dry ice transport);

does not require disposal.

In addition, we can handle a cargo of biological samples with differentiated temperatures thanks to the use of a vehicle with a bulkhead that separates the different environments. A thermo-recorder connected to a satellite system measures the temperature inside the load compartment and allows the customer to monitor the route during the journey.

Transportation of potentially infective biological samples

The transport service of potentially infective biological samples includes all those products classified as dangerous goods according to ADR regulations. These products must be adequately packed according to specific procedures defined by the regulations in force. The transport of biological samples presenting an infective risk must comply with a strict labeling protocol and with the relevant transport documents in order to guarantee that all the rules required for their safe handling have been respected.

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