DSS has always transported infected or potentially infected samples.

As a result of the Covid-19 emergency, we found ourselves managing a truly remarkable number of transports that made us a major point of reference for various hospitals and private laboratories that need to transport swabs from infected or potentially infected Covid-19 patients.

We use packaging materials validated by certified suppliers that allow the safe transport of Covid-19 samples both for our collaborators and for every user we interact with.

Based on customer request, we can transport Covid-19 samples at any suitable temperature.

Fresh samples can be transported at +2° +8°C within a maximum of 72H (we perform all services within 24h) of collection.

The stored Covid-19 samples must be transported in dry ice with appropriate packaging.

A proper transportation of the biological specimen is the most important and necessary basis to ensure a Quality clinical research with the goal of obtaining excellent results.


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