We know how important is for our customers to assure we are able to maintain the cold chain during all transport. For this reason we have installed sophisticated system to control and manage the temperatures on our vehicles.

These systems are constantly being calibrated and are provided by certified Companies.

Systems of control of the temperatures and vehicles are kept constantly monitored by a system of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance in order to prevent and avoid any problem.

Among the most used tools in the transport of biological samples, urgent drugs at a controlled temperature there are data loggers to be included into the packaging (these are easily downloadable at the time of delivery with the USB interface), thermo-recorders that allow you to download the temperature maintained throughout transport.

Our manufacturing processes of the product shall always include an “emergency plan” in critical situations such as malfunction of a vehicle (our company policy provides that vehicles need to be replaced after 48 months of life) that will aid immediately another vehicle having the same characteristics.

In addition, all of our vehicles are equipped with geo-locators that allow the customer to verify directly and in real time the exact location of his expedition and its actual temperature.

This tool is really special because it allows our customer to be absolutely calm and sure that his shipment is always under control!