Lombardy express courier

This year we introduced the new distribution service limited to Lombardy and North Italy.

A part of our warehouse and our fleet are dedicated to receiving goods in transit or storage and to organize the distribution service to various destinations. The goal is to optimize time and resources saving costs, dedicated to customers who have this need, while still providing excellent service.


Express courier ***NEW***

This service provides for pick-up and delivery of various types of merchandise that requires no restrictions in terms of timing and that does not require a dedicated service. This service is only available in Lombardy.


Shuttle service Milan-Rome ***NEW***

Many of our customers have offices and manufacturing facilities in both cities for this reason we want to be present with a service that connects Milan and Rome each week.

  • Ech Friday the goods destined to Rome is collected at our warehouse
  • Every Monday morning we deliver to Rome to unload and reload the goods destined to Milan
  • Every Tuesday morning we drive back to Milan and download at our warehouse
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