Transportation of biological samples

Temperature controlled transports are made using insulated and refrigerated vans able to set and maintain the temperature in the requested range:

  • Frozen transportation: -20°C (biological samples)
  • Cold transportation: +2°C / +8°C (pharmaceutical products)
  • Controlled temperature transportation: +15°C / +25°C (medical devices)

Special transports are carried keeping the temperature at a level of – 70°C using dry ice.

For the transport of biological samples, drugs and active ingredients we provide a reusable packaging with many advantages:

  • It does not require disposal
  • Operates with a temperature range: -20°C to + 2°/+8 ° and +15°/+25°
  • Guarantees at least 96 hours of product insulation
  • It is suitable for transport by road and air shipments
  • It does not need to work during the trip (unlike in dry ice transport)

Constantly we check the temperature of the goods by measuring instruments placed in the van connected to a satellite-transmitter, so you can monitor the temperature during the trip.

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